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Welcome to PMC Since its founding in 2000, The Project Management Company strives to be a premiere Project Management Consulting and Educational organization. With an emphasis on the standards of the Project Management Institute, we advocate the processes, procedures and methodologies of PMI when analyzing projects, regardless of scope. Whether you utilize Business Process Improvement or Re-Engineering Principles, the Project Management Company can assist your organization with training, completion of large scale projects and providing quality deliverables on time and within budget. . 

Icon Overview of Basic Project Management Tools, Processes and Methodologies


Intro Overview of Advanced Project Management Procedures and How They Can Positively Affect your Project

Icon How to Handle Complex Projects Utilizing Business Process Improvement


icon How to Use Project Management Tools to Resolve Difficult Project Issues

icon Course utilizes the Project Management Institute's Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as a
foundation for instruction and is augmented by other materials which allow the student an excellent
understanding of the PMP test and how to prepare for it


icon Project Management Instructor and Consultant to thousands of students and clients


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